Mission Statement

Creating music that brings people together to help them process and overcome the challenges of their mental health and life.

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I'm an aspiring solo artist in Gainesville Florida. I started playing an instrument when I was in the sixth grade. I was assigned to play the saxophone. I have been playing and performing on the saxophone all through grade school and for my undergraduate. 
After I graduated from high school, I attended Stetson University as a music major. Unfortunately, my time there was shorted because after my first semester there, I decided to transfer to another school. After being burnt from playing the saxophone, I decided to change my major. I explored different majors for a year, I soon found out that saxophone was the only thing that made me happy. 
Once I received my Associate of Arts, I then transferred to the University of Florida as a music theory major. After two years at this school, I changed my major a few times and finally decided to finish my undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Over these years, I was getting raving reviews from my music composition teachers. They were surprised I never composed music before I came to UF. I knew I can build off the material that I have developed over the years and have a successful career as an artist. 
Since high school, my mental health was depleting. I never had the chance to properly grief over the news of what had happened to my mother when she passed. Needless to say, I spiraled into a deep depression and it took me years to finally get better. It wasn't until I went to the University of Florida that I started to feel like myself again. Since then, I have struggled to maintain my mental health. I use my music and compositions to help me cope with my depression. With everything that I have gone through mentally and as a musician, I then wanted to help others that may be struggling with their mental health. I want to show people that they are strong and there is a brighter world. Just keep pushing and keep fighting because days of happiness will come. 
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